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Why Women May Be Best Off Sourcing Their Own Handbags?

At this time of year, many women may be hoping their other halves present them with new designer handbags as festive gifts. The same is true when it comes to birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and so on.

New York Welcomes Joe Fresh Flagship Store

Clothing retailer Joe Fresh has recently opened a new store in New York. The flagship store covers 14,000 square feet and is situated at the ‘Crystal lantern’ bank branch. The building is completely transparent, with windows 27 feet high to maximise ...

What Kind Of Fashionable Clothes We Should Have To Wear ?

Be it any occasion, event or functions, all of us want to look our best. Today different dressing options and styles are available in the market. People all over the world; prefer to dress according to the fashion that is in style. T-shirts are one such ...

Moisturizing Lips – How To Do It Right

Many people may not be aware of the fact that some parts of the body don’t have oil and sweat glands or even pigment for that matter. Hands, feet and lips are some of those parts and most of all; the skin on the lips is really thin and need special ...